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Carport Floor Paint is a Rock-solid Epoxy Gum for covering mechanical floors and profoundly dealt territories. It is a hardcore dissolvable free epoxy floor covering, having an extraordinary scraped spot and synthetic obstruction. Its high form attributes permit the utilization of coatings to surpass 0.25mm per coat.

Two layers of Epoxy Modern Floor Paint can give what might be compared to ten layers of traditional coatings containing dissolvable. It is intended to furnish generally excellent scraped spot obstruction with a durable high form finish. carport floor paint shows the most noteworthy quality while offering smooth, appealing shine finish.

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1. Simple to clean

2. Proficient Sparkle Finish

3. Surface Usable in 24hrs

4. Tough – 3 Yr Assurance

5. Oil Open-minded

6. Wonderful inclusion rates (17 – 26 sqm/5kg)

7. Dissolvable Free – In contrast to less expensive other options

You ought to ought to likewise think about utilizing:

Moist Open-minded Introduction for new concrete.

Profound Infiltrating Introduction for Dusty Floors.

Stabilizing Introduction for feeble solid floors.

Oil Lenient Groundwork if oil buildup is available on the solid floor.


Size 1kg – 10kg

Appearance Smooth gleam modern paint finish

Piece Dissolvable free modern floor paint of medium consistency joined with scraped area safe fine fillers

Solidness High modern quality

Thickness 200 to 500 microns

Substrates Solid, metals and pavements and so forth

Encompassing Temperature During application 7 degrees least is suggested.

Drying Time 24 hrs

Inclusion 17 – 26 sqm/coat (5kg unit)

Ordinary Establishments

Painting modern floors, warehousing, toilets, food planning territories, carports, engineers stores and so on

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Clear – 1Kg, Cobalt Blue – 1Kg, Fern Green – 1Kg, Golden Yellow – 1Kg, Jet Black – 1Kg, Jet Grey – 1Kg, Leaf Green – 1Kg, Light Grey – 1Kg, Ruby Red – 1Kg, Silver Grey – 1Kg, Sky Blue – 1Kg, Slate Grey – 1Kg, White – 1Kg


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