Dye Stain Leather Colourant Paint Re Colouring Leather Paint Repair Kit

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Dye Stain Leather Colourant Paint Re Colouring Leather Paint Repair Kit

– Leather Colorant Dye
– Leather Repair Kit
– Stain Paint
Item Description:
Calfskin Colorant Dye Stain Paint Re Coloring Restorer Leather Repair Kit. The Leather Clinic’s All In One calfskin colorant is a simple to utilize answer for fix scrapes and scratched cowhides. Essentially spot a few layers of calfskin finish up. Cowhide contact ups are accessible in a wide determination of hues from our shading range, just as prepared match hues to numerous vehicle makers.
Across the board has a worked in glossy silk finish.
Step by step instructions to Use:
First guarantee the cowhide is spotless and arranged for shading. Wipe colorant over the zone to be recoloured and permit to air dry, (evaporating period can be sped utilizing a hairdryer). Normal fixes will require 2-3 coats.
Beige, Black, Bordeaux, Bright Red, Chocolate Brown, Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Brow, Dark Green, Dark Gray, Ivory, Light Blue, Light Cream, Light Green, Light Gray, Maroon, Medium Brown, Pink, Red, Tan, White, Yellow and custom hues as well!
Across the board Colorants are reasonable for ensured cowhides. If it’s not too much trouble test in a subtle territory.
Across the board Colorant (size accoding to buy).
125ml incorporates 2 application wipes.
250ml incorporates 4 application wipes
500ml incorporates 6 application wipes
1000ml incorporates 8 application wipes
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Beige – 125ml, Beige – 250ml, Black – 125ml, Black – 250ml, Blue – 125ml, Blue – 250ml, Bordeaux – 125ml, Bordeaux – 250ml, Bright Red – 125ml, Bright Red – 250ml, Burgundy – 125ml, Burgundy – 250ml, Camel – 125ml, Camel – 250ml, Chocolate Brown – 125ml, Chocolate Brown – 250ml, Cream – 125ml, Cream – 250ml, Dark Blue – 125ml, Dark Blue – 250ml, Dark Brown – 125ml, Dark Brown – 250ml, Dark Green – 125ml, Dark Green – 250ml, Dark Grey – 125ml, Dark Grey – 250ml, Green – 125ml, Green – 250ml, Grey – 125ml, Grey -Ivory – 125ml, Ivory – 250ml, Light Blue – 125ml, Light Blue – 250ml, Light Cream – 125ml, Light Cream – 250ml, Light Green – 125ml, Light Green – 250ml, Light Grey – 125ml, Light Grey – 250ml, Lilac – 125ml, Lilac – 250m, Maroon – 125ml, Maroon – 250ml, Medium Brown – 125ml, Medium Brown – 250ml, Pink – 125ml, Pink – 250ml, Red – 125ml, Red – 250ml, Tan – 125ml, Tan – 250ml, White – 125ml, White – 250ml, Yellow – 125ml, Yellow – 250ml


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