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Durable Polyurethane Garage Floor Paint 5ltr Hard Wearing Gloss Finish Floor Coating

Our garage floor paint is specially created to supply the simplest abrasion resistance with a durable high build end and high industrial quality and strength. industrial plant floor paints have the very best strength while providing shiny, smooth, engaging end throughout the total unfold. Our garage floor paint is high build coating that produces an understandable beautiful end for places like showrooms and totally different platforms wherever you would like to impress.

To be possible and appropriate to be used on industrial plant floors industrial floor paints ought to typically be powerful and resistant enough to withstand:
The abrasion, wear and tear that may occur i.e. from forklifts, pallet trucks, cars,4X4 and different serious and light-weight vehicle movements across the ground of the industrial plant.
• The serious and static loading that’s obligatory on the painted industrial plant floor surface by pallet stacking in storage, or different instrumentality on the ground
• Most spillage of liquid or chemical which will occur on the surface of the ground i.e. cutting agents, water, oils, soft acid improvement agents, wheel/brake cleaners, brake fluids, engine fluid, some fuel’s, etc that are getting used within the procedures dole out on the painted floor.


The functions of the commercial floor paint are:

1. to boost and strengthen the surface of the industrial plant floor
2. to get rid of the mud build-up on the surface ( by applying the pre-seal primer coating on dust-covered unpainted areas before a high coat is applied)
3. to reinforce the floors abrasion and wear and tear resistance
4. To dispense the inflated extra chemical and foreign material resistance
5. to boost the looks and kind of the operating atmosphere
6. to hurry up the cleaning/mopping method of the world scaling down on the time of this task and conjointly to assist combat problems with the mud on stock and

Coverage: 107 foot square per l or 10m square per l
200m square per twenty l will or a pair of,140ft square per twenty l will (one coat)
Touch dry @ 15’c = 10/12 hours

Can you facilitate we’ve ne’er painted a floor before what can we do ?”

We forever feel happy and honored to assist and advise once required, initial of all, we want to go looking out what’s the ambiance of the ground surface that this paint can get together with fortunately this paint gets on with the bulk of totally different surfaces like stone, brick, metal, concrete, wood this coating won’t stick and cling to

power-float (shiny sleek finishes) while not associate degree acid print preparation being done, once that has been known we have a tendency to forever suggest to treat the ground with associate degree acid print or deep clean counting on what quantity the surface of the ground is contaminated and then pre-seal is applied once improvement stage has dried, leave twelve hours or till the pre-seal is tack-free you’re then able to apply your initial neat coat of floor paint. All of this can be done in keeping with correct management and coming up with once observant the ambiance of the ground surface.


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Pre Seal – 5 Litres, Light Grey -5 Litres, Mid Grey -5 Litres, Dark Grey – 5 Litres, Light Blue -5 Litres, Mid Blue – 5 Litres, Dark Blue -5 Litres, Tile Red Oxide -5 Litres, Bright Clean Red -5 Litres, Light Green – 5 Litres, Mid Green – 5 Litres, Dark Green – 5 Litres, Black – 5 Litres, White – 5 Litres, Yellow – 5 Litres, Cream – 5 Litres, Brown – 5 Litres


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