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Aquatuff Fast Dry Garage Floor Paint Heavy Duty Domestic Concrete Metal Floor Paint 20Ltr

Industrial and domestic concrete and metal floor areas, as well as power, floated concrete once abrading or acid print and seal has been applied


Airless spray,conventional spray,brush,roller
Drying Time:
@20’c one hour bit dry
to fully use space nine hours (foot traffic) twenty-four hours for full threw cure
overcoating minimum of half-dozen hours

Technical Data:

Volume solids fifty-two d.f.t forty-five microns (1 coat)
theoretical unfold rate ten sq.mtrs/ltr

Standard color Range:

other colors area unit obtainable for the asking full ral/b.s range
race team or business brand color matching no downside


For most styles of floors as well as power floated and hydrocarbon sort areas once correct surface preparation has been upheld for metal, concrete, wood, stone, and brick areas.

This is a protracted-lasting extremely sturdy sort of coating with a user-friendly application not like its 2pack first cousin this kind of product offers you all the benefits of a 2pack product, hard cure however it’ll not limit you to a cure time this product may be used resealed and used once more, it is conjointly animal and kid-safe, we have an outsized list of government shoppers around the globe and that they advocate solely our product be utilized in the mega plants and warehouses

Aqua tuff water-primarily based floor paint has been developed for outstanding resistance to numerous styles of spills i.e oil’s, petrol, diesel, greases, lubricants, water and cutting agents, this coating conjointly possesses sensible wear resistance to stationery tyre scrub and scuff marks from serious plant and tools

The advantages of this new and advanced aqua tuff floor paint area unit that it’s a high build just about 90-100 microns thickness per coat which is double the thickness of most traditional sort floor paints and in reality an identical thickness to a decent water-based epoxy product,it is terribly straightforward to use the single part product, fast drying-touch dry in beneath a pair of hours (20’c)and is prepared to use on in beneath twelve hours

1. Greenish-blue volcanic rock may be a sturdy one half waterbased epoxy (type) coating that’s developed to produce a tricky concrete seal against chemical penetration (including brake fluid) and physical deterioration of existing concrete.
2. Penetrates concrete to boost adhesion and supply most bondability of end overcoat.
3. obtainable in gray, White, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Brown.
4. Designed as a sealer and prime coat for concrete floors in facilities like hospitals, schools, nursing homes, business buildings, or industrial plants. wherever the presence of solvent odors and/or flammability issues would compel the appliance of a solvent coating.
5. Highly counseled for all automotive services applications.
6. No offensive odor or volatile noxious solvents.
Low VOC.
7. Cuts installation time – no got to expect concrete to fully dry.
8. One or 2 coat coverage
9. straightforward to use – all parts are unit within the product, simply combine and apply. a pair of year pot life if sealed.
10. Reduces floor preparation prices – may be applied with a minimum of preparation.
11. Cleans up with simple soap and water.
12. Provides a tricky end that protects against dirt, dirt, water, acid and alkali cleaners, alcohol, Skydrol, even brake fluid.
13.Good Resistance to Brake Fluid
14.Resistance to Salts
15.Excellent Resistance to Solvents
16.Excellent Resistance to Oils

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Light Grey – 20 Litres, Mid Grey – 20 Litres, Dark Grey – 20 Litres, Light Blue – 20 Litres, Mid Blue – 20 Litres, Dark Blue – 20 Litres, Tile Red Oxide – 20 Litres, Bright Clean Red – 20 Litres, Light Green – 20 Litres, Mid Green – 20 Litres, Dark Green – 20 Litres, Black – 20 Litres, White – 20 Litres, Yellow – 20 Litres, Cream – 20 Litres, Brown – 20


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