Anti Slip Decking Stain Rescue Paint Wood Deck Floor Protection Deck Oil Paint

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Against Slip Decking Stain Salvage Paint Wood Deck Floor Assurance Deck Oil Paint. Hostile to Slip Decking Stain offers a rich semi-straightforward shading with an intense sturdy completion. It has an exceptional twofold activity definition which has an undetectable enemy of slip microbeads to make decks more secure than untreated wood and an algicide to help shield the film surface from green growth and shape growth.2.5L conceals to 15m² with 2 covers on exposed or recently recolored wood. Permeable wood, harsh sawn wood, and furrowed decking will lessen inclusion.

UV Watchman Decking Oil can be utilized to infiltrate into the wood to supplant normal oils and gums lost through enduring. Its colored recipe revives the shade of endured wood. A 2.5L can conceals to 20m² with 2 coats brush applied

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Against Slip Decking Stain Highlights:

Hard Wearing Shading For Decking

Enduring Climate Security

Exceptionally High-Security Finish

Non-Slip Finish

UV Gatekeeper Decking Oil Highlights:

Normally Improving Decking Insurance

High-Security Finish

Propelled Climate Security

Hardwearing Plan

Replaces Common Oils

Specialized Subtleties: Against Slip Decking Stain Hues:

Urban Record

Common Oak

UV Gatekeeper Decking Oil Hues:


Common Pine

Common Cedar

Tin Size:2.5L

Coverage: Coverage can fluctuate contingent upon application strategy and the condition and nature of the surpace.

Drying: As long as 6 hours. Drying times can fluctuate contingent upon the idea of the surface and the climate conditions.

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Oil Finish Natural – 2.5 Litre, Oil Finish Natural Cedar – 2.5 Litre, Oil Finish Natural Pine – 2.5 Litre


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