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Landing area Restorer Paint 20 Liters Quick-Dry Covering Restorer Landing area Paint

Item Portrayal:

1.Water-based thermoplastic acrylic polymer Landing area Fix covering, naturally neighborly simple to apply item

2. Top up layers Of Landing area sealer can be applied whenever

3. Decreases Landing area stone misfortune and build the life expectancy of the Landing area carport’s

4. Waterproofs, re-hues and secures Landing area

5. Enables Opposes to oil, oil and soil stains

6. Opposes fungicidal and green growth development

Point by point:

Change the presence of any current Landing area Carport/Walkway/Vehicle Park

Replaces lost gum from Landing area, inconceivably better than bitumen based landing area paint

5-liter drum, normal inclusion 8 sq meters

Simple to apply with a roller

Re-makes unique shade of Landing area

Evades requirement for costly substitution of black-top

Long haul security, decreases future Landing area fix

Covers unattractive concrete and oil stains or stamps


Surfaces ought to be dry and liberated from soil, Oil, and every single other contaminant.

Continuously apply a test fix before coatings a entire zone


After 5 min initiate blend apply onto the surface utilizing roller or brush. Since the item dries by vanishing of water it ought not be applied under states of high dampness or where there is a danger of high buildup during the drying time frame.

(At 15-20 Degrees C) Surface dry approx 2 hours. Overcoating least 8 hours, These occasions will be reached out at lower temperatures and furthermore in states of high moistness.

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Black – 20Ltr, Blue – 20Ltr, Green – 20Ltr, Red – 20Ltr, Slate Grey – 20Ltr


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